About Astrid Carolina Mendieta – About Inspire Dreaming

Hello! thanks for stopping by.

My name is Astrid, but most people know me as Carolina.

You may have been brought here by curiosity, synchronicity or Divine guidance 🙂

I am a wellness coach/counselor helping people become their best version by helping them break free of self-destructive thought patterns and establishing new habits.

I am also a galactic artist, a yogi, a movement promoter, freediver, explorer and a spiritual gangster 😛

In brief, my work began the moment I realized that my mind was the main factor in determining my future when I was left emotionally and physically sick with no money and no job. I became so anxious and frustrated to change that I started to search for answers to why my life was falling apart.

Then the epiphany came…

I realized that I was the root cause of my success. I started being mindful of my habits and thoughts and realized that I was unconsciously self-sabotaging myself into failure.

So, I started to change the way I ate, the way I thought and the way I behaved. As I observed how I changed from the inside, my exterior world began to change. One thing led to another and as I empowered myself, I began to empower and inspire others and vice-versa.

(The picture on the left was me with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, digestive issues and 32 % body fat which caused elevated blood pressure. The picture on the right is me 3 years later with confidence, better eating & exercising habits, increased energy, with no more health issues and with 16% body fat)

Part of my work

“If you Believe and you have Faith, you’ll do things you once thought impossible” -CM

In my studies I’ve learned that our thoughts and habits are extremely powerful in the choices we make and the outcomes in our lives. Most of us are unaware that many of our thoughts and habits are self-destructive and unhealthy. These cause us to make terrible choices, feel insecure, have low self-esteem, create unnecessary anxiety and stress which eventually leads to health issues and weight gain.

Moreover, the more sick and heavy we feel, the more we get frustrated, anxious and insecure, only prolonging that never ending cycle that affects our wellbeing, relationships, career and finances.

My mission is to guide people to break free of these patterns and behaviors either by inspiring them or by working together to find the necessary tools that will enable them to heal from within and accomplish their aspirations.

If you plan on receiving my programs or personal one-on-one coaching/guidance or simply becoming a member :), it is of my best intention that my interaction with you can provide some clarity and light into your life.


Carolina 🙂

ps: connect with me through IG @aquafreesoul or Facebook @carolina.activelifestyle.